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The text begins in Germany in a region known as Franconia, situated near the northernmost corner of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, where a Germanic people came to live in the area known as the Balbach Valley.

Using a document from the year 1230, you will learn how the family received its name, the history of the original villages of Oberbalbach and Unterbalbach, and their creek valley, Das Balbachtal. You will find that the political climate, wars, and religious history played vital roles in how the family came to and eventually departed from the Balbach Valley.

You will also see a description and wonderful sketch of one of the three castles that had been located in the Balbach Valley, and you'll learn about the Balbach Coat of Arms.

Descriptive maps will show you the four primary areas from which the family can be traced and will also indicate most of the villages from which American Balbach families immigrated.

The volume categorizes the Balbach families according to the ancestors' shared characteristics and provides for the separate genealogies and known histories of all Balbach families living in, or having lived in, Germany as well as America. The book traces most of the these families to their known home villages in Germany, Silesia, East Prussia, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Austria.

William J. Balbach has meticulously extracted over four centuries of German church records, providing the lineages of as many Balbachs as is currently possible and showing how some Balbachs have differently spelled names. He presents almost 9,000 names of Balbachs and their descendants in outline form and details descendancy charts for over 100 different ancestors, some charts portraying up to 15 generations.

"The book represents 20 years of personal research and labor," says Bill Balbach. "It's been an extremely rewarding experience."



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